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Eave L

24 Aug 2020



        Hello, I am Eave L, the author of my website, welcome to visit my homepage and blog. I will share with you some nice HD wallpapers, and some programming, life, music, and even games. If you are interested, you can follow this website or follow my WeChat official account on the homepage. I will regularly upload interesting or helpful content!

Self introduction

        As you can see, my name is Eave L. If you happen to be Chinese, you can call my Chinese name: Luo Yifu. I am a college student, the major course is of course my favorite computer major, computer world It's so cool and attractive to me. I am a cheerful and sunny boy, yes, a 20-year-old boy (ps: I have a girlfriend who is super beautiful and loves me, am I still a boy???)

My hobbies

        I have too many hobbies, like singing, playing computer games, playing basketball, traveling, too many, too many, here are some of my favorite hobbies. the first one is programming, HaHa, the second one is the computer game that most young men love, such as League of Legends (I'm super fierce, the little diamond in the first district of China), valorant, csgo, and recently super cute Full guys of the wind, brothers who want to gang up with me can contact me. The third is hip-hop culture. I really like the rap music in hip-hop culture. It’s very cool, and it makes me feel the power of words and the super cool rhythm. My current biggest ideal is to create a rap social platform to let Good brothers from all over the country who like rap culture communicate with each other and hope to realize it in their lifetime.

My skills

        During the school, I came into contact with a lot of computer technology, and learned a lot of technology on the Internet, such as the very popular front-end technology in recent years: Vue+Element UI (front-end development framework), Laravel (php framework), SSM (JavaEE Spring framework) , There are also jQuery and bootstrap used on this homepage, and master the technology of project deployment and operation and maintenance (on the linux system), etc., and are still learning, waiting for next year this site will use front-end separation technology to rewrite from the bottom, Use Vue+Semantic UI or Element UI to write the front-end page, and the back-end will use Spring family bucket technology. Inspiring to be a full-stack engineer! ! !

Thank you

        Hope you will continue to follow me,I wish you good health and all the best!!!

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